Mission Statement

Igniting a missional movement of SE Asian Jesus followers to impact the world.

Our Story

Our story began at the National Asian American Leadership Conference in Los Angeles, CA in March of ’04. Southeast Asian Leaders from all over the United States were part of this conference. After the AALC conference in LA, some of the Leaders gathered together at a Starbucks in Long Beach and began to dream about a ministry for Southeast Asian Leaders. They saw what God was doing among Asian Americans and felted that that same movement needed to take place among Southeast Asians.
January, MLK weekend of ‘05, 13 leaders gathered together in Philly for a weekend of intensive meeting and praying. Out of that meeting God spoke to us about a ministry for Southeast Asians and the Southeast Asian Conference. January 13th –15th, we hosted our first SEALS, Southeast Asian Leadership Summit, conference in Long Beach, CA. God brought together 165 leaders from all over the United States from various denominations, para-church ministries and etc..

Vision Statement

This is our 3 – 5 year plan for SEAC.


Create sustainable networks of relationships among SE Asian leaders primarily in North America for mutual support through prayer, sharing of best practices, and fellowship.


Create a learning community among SE Asian leaders to bring them into ministry effectiveness in the 21st century, through ongoing leadership development and mentoring, cutting edge and best practices … that will support the ministries of their churches, para-churches and their mission in the world. The equipping will take place at our national summits, regional fellowship and through our partnering ministries.


Become a mobilizing force within the SE Asian leadership community to spur a movement for the Gospel locally and globally. Mobilization will take place at the national summit and regional fellowship where leaders are encouraged to take the next step of faith to trust God and be followed up by mentors and partnering ministries.


Facilitate an ongoing conversation for SE Asian leaders to further promote ministry health, cultural relevance, personal development, and kingdom impact.

Core Values

Foundational Values:

  • ● Devotion to the Kingdom of God
  • ● Living a life of grace
  • ● Living a life of integrity
  • ● Practicing prayer

Ministry Values:

  • ● Maturing in faith
  • ● Multiplying
  • ● Mentorship
  • ● Maintaining respect of other ministries

Sustaining the Ministry

  • ● Prayer
  • ● Partnering Churches giving regularly
  • ● Fundraising events throughout the year
  • ● Quarterly updates
  • ● Recruiting laborers
  • ● Training our leaders

Strategic Initiatives

  1. 1. National Conference: SEALS – to minister to the growing diversity of SEAC members in their different ministry/spiritual development and life stages.
    • o Generate interest, involvement and support for the following sub-groups: Women’s ministries (SEAC-Women), Men’s ministries, Affinity groups, Cultural groups, etc.
    • o Build partnerships with like-minded ministries.
  2. 2. Regional fellowships: formed to provide sustainable and on-going support for SE Asian leaders. It will provide networking for mentoring relationships, prayer movements for the Gospel to impact SE Asians regionally, partnerships with local/regional groups, etc.
  3. 3. Media and Resources: providing resources and relationships through our website, facebook page, twitter, newsletter, etc.
  4. 4. Training and Speaking: resourcing opportunity from our SEAC family on topics related to leadership development and culture.
  5. 5. Prayer Movements: providing resources from our website for guided prayers and encouragements, gathering like-minded leaders to pray for our Southeast Asian Community.



“SEAC’s logo mark is a representational icon for “catalyst”, a “spark”, a “boom” a “cluster”, you name it. The objective of the mark is to give the impression of a group, different in its facets yet blending into each element. At the drawing board, the concept was to represent “catalyst” but furthermore “direction”. The design is a compilation of arrows merging together, “gathering”. It represents the movement of Southeast Asian catalysts, heading towards a direction of progress, into the direction of new hope, into the direction of the future filled with faith. The blue in the logo symbolizes Christ’s eternal water, that which quenches our souls, believing that our true source of fulfillment and satisfaction is found in Christ. Jesus is our water well, continually hydrating us, replenishing us as we take this source and pass it onto others. The red represents the blood of Christ, the blood from which love binds us all. It symbolizes unity among the body of Christ, that He who was broken for us and that our sins are forgiven through Him. (Romans 3:25) The lines in the logo mark can be interpreted as pathway’s that join, cross, and go outward only to return inward — caught in an endless cycle. The typography treatment is mimicking the same outward/ inward pattern from the icon, symbolic of us reflecting God.”

Financial Support

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