Creative Director

Sakonh Pathipphanith, better known as SP, is one giant Laotian with an equally sized heart for sharing “The Good News”. Originally from Connecticut, he now calls Houston his new backyard, but claims to be neither a Yankee or a Cowboy. He is blessed and privileged to be a part of God’s work in this South East Asian, catalyst movement. Currently, he leads worship for First Baptist Lao Church and finds fulfillment as a teacher/mentor with the Youth and College age groups. His passions are found where faith and art collide, striving to relay God’s message with a relevant and creative approach. By day you can spot him helping organizations and ministries grow by resolving marketing challenges with design, while juggling cups of coffee like Cirque Du Soleil. He is the founder of Humble Pie Co., a premier clothing brand that exists as an outreach tool to spread the simple message of humility, rooted in Christ.

SP, loves good food, good fellowship and plenty of laughter.

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