Tam Phuong Le

Scholarship Coordinator

I have been involved in youth ministry for about seven years in various positions. After getting a degree in Christian Education, I have been serving at Emmaus Lutheran church as a full time Director of Christian Education for the past two years. I came to America as an international student a few years ago and this helps me look at ministry in larger perspective. Cross-cultural is a big part of my ministry. My passion is to bring people across ages and cultures together at the cross. I enjoy deep one-on-one conversation with children and youth because I want them to grow up knowing that there is at least one person who would always listen to their stories, no matter how silly or trivial it may be.

I hold on to I Corinthians 2:2-5 as my personal philosophy of ministry that is ministry under the cross. On a good day and the bads, it helps to be reminded that it is not my ministry but God’s, and that I am here by God’s appointment in His keeping under His training in His timing.




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