SEAC from SEAC Cinema on Vimeo. HOUSTON, TX is the official location for SEALS 2014!

SEALS 2012 Closing Video from SEAC Cinema on Vimeo.This video captures snippets of the Southeast Asian Leadership Summit (SEALS) 2012 (brought to you by SEAC). Creative force: Jayson P., Richard K., Sobe S.

SEALS 2012 INTRO from SEAC Cinema on Vimeo.Intro video for the Southeast Asian Leadership Summit (SEALS) 2012. Brought to you by SEAC (Southeast Asian Catalyst. Creative force: Richard K., Jay P., Creative presence: Ken Kong, Jennifer Kong, Ken Khim


SEAC – SEALS 2012 (Arise & Shine) from SEAC Cinema on Vimeo. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012 – SEAC

Filmed By: Jayson Phommavongsa & Joseph Marsili
Edited By: Jayson Phommavongsa
Graphics By: Sakonh Pathipphanith
Interviewer: Nich Khim
Music: Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (Edited)& Hillsong – Beautiful Exchange (Edited)


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